PostgreSQL Setup + Service Desk

Annual subscription
to PostgreSQL consultations
from DBA with 10+ years of PostgreSQL experience.

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Your developers will be able to focus on new feature development
instead of routine database administrative tasks and database issues.

high availability of your PostgreSQL databases
for less than 1000€ a month!*

PostgreSQL Service Desk is available as an annual subscription that comprises the following stages:

Stage I

Audit and optimisation (2 months): up to 10-hours DBA time monthly

Stage II

Training: within the Stage I hour limit

Stage III

Service Desk Subscription (10 months): up to 2-hours DBA time monthly

* The price is subject to compliance with tariff terms.

I Audit and optimisation

During this period our DBA will:

  1. analyse database configuration,
  2. optimise workload,
  3. set up database monitoring,
  4. assess top slow queries and will help with optimisation,
  5. configure database health-check scripts.

During this phase our DBA will also address any questions related to:

  • architecture,
  • database and OS configuration,
  • high availability and replication setting,
  • locking and parallelism issues,
  • backup and recovery practices,
  • upgrades (minor and major),
  • table partitioning,
  • scaling and sharding,
  • access rights,
  • database migration to PostgreSQL,
  • hardware preferences.

II Training

Your team will be able to take part in a tailored online training** run by our PostgreSQL DBA.

This will allow your developers and administrators to ensure that they can handle key PostgreSQL database issues on their own.

**training is conducted within hour limit of Stage I. 

III Service Desk

After your databases have been checked and your team is trained you will be transferred to a subscription-based Service Desk interface.
Interaction with our team at this stage is focused on the maintenance when you can submit any questions your team might have via Email or Jira within monthly hour limit (2h/month).

Our DBA will help you with:

  • questions that do not require an in-depth analysis, related to OS and database configuration and query optimisation.
  • downtime and emergency post-factum analysis during working hours.
  • monitoring report and auto-health-check review (we will notify you in case of any abnormalities).
from 11000€/year + VAT
up to 2x PostgreSQL installations

SLA / Reaction time

Stage I (chat/Jira)
— up to 3 hours during workday (09:00-17:00 CET).
Stage III (email/Jira)
— up to 24 hours during workday (09:00-17:00 CET).

If you are interested in shorter reaction time, please contact us by submitting the request form on the right and we will offer you a suitable service package.


Depending on your database installation and database access you’ll be able to provide Stage I (Audit and optimisation) may require additional time and cost. This will be discussed with you after the list of first stage tasks are determined.
The overtime work is billed for at the end of each month at a rate of 350 Euros per hour plus VAT.

Access to database

Data Egret Service Desk subscription can be offered with and without access to the database. However, the lack of database access may prolong the time required for solving some issues, which may result in overtime.

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