Data Egret was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with a solid PostgreSQL system administration background and a goal to create a smooth experience in database maintenance.
What we do

We provide database maintenance and system administration support. PostgreSQL is at our core, however, our team also includes specialists in alternative systems. If your business is looking for innovative, dynamic teams with solution oriented approach you are in the right place.

24/7 Support
Data Egret experts specializing in PostgreSQL as well as in depth knowledge of alternative systems e.g. Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server and MySQL are just a click away for any urgent issues and ongoing support.
Data Egret will provide an immediate support and a long-term advice on how best to maintain your database.
Health Check
Data Egret specialists will analyze your current system to secure a smooth running of your service and give you a headstart for your launch or migration.
Joined Data Egret and OK.meter monitoring solution will provide you with an oversight of your systems and alert of any potential threats.
Why Data Egret
Forsee and prevent
We work with different PostgreSQL versions and handle non-standard emergencies on daily basis — it allows us to forsee and prevent issues you might be having tomorrow.
Learn and control
We are passionate about database maintenance and eager to share with you what we have learned over the years. Working with Data Egret will provide you with tools to better understand and control your database.
Using Data Egret services allows you realize major operational efficiencies since you can involve us only as and when you need help.
Our mission

Database maintenance is often perceived as a necessary but complex and cumbersome part of the day-to-day workings of any business — something that may stand in the way of productivity. At Data Egret we are passionate about database maintenance and always looking for new challenges.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless database maintenance experience for our clients.

Addressing any burning issues is only a start of an exciting collaboration. We are eager to learn from our clients and to share our knowledge with them providing them with new experience in database maintenance.

Core team

We have representatives in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America that allows us to serve our clients across different geographies and tackle any issues in timely manner irrespective of their location.

Our clients come from a multitude of industries and spread across geographies. We are eager to work with small businesses and large enterprises alike.